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Children that are age 7 and up are welcome to attend camp if they have an ok from their doctor.  Once campers reach age 16, we transition them to peer counselors.  We typically have 20 or more campers, and 15 or more peers.  The health of our campers can vary.  Some take very few treatments and others take up to four or more per day.  In addition, some may have milk drips each night, and IV-medications, along with their typical daily routine.

To avoid anyone getting sick at camp, we follow very strict infections disease control guidelines.  A thorough screening of each camper is done before they are allowed to come to camp.  Acceptance to attend camp is pending until lab test results are completed and reviewed by our camp doctor.  Information on testing dates is sent out with camper applications and more information appears below.

A peer counselor is an adult with CF that is encouraged to come to camp to be a role model for the young camper that might not fully understand his or her disease.

The following infection control precautions will be taken at each Camp Funshine session held:
1. Camp Funshine prohibits individuals from attending the camp who have ever cultured positive with  Burkholderia Cepacia. Also, we must exclude those who have had Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA) within the past year, or those whose submitted sputum culture shows multi - resistant bacteria.
2. A sputum culture must be given at a cf foundation accredited lab, between the dates May 26 and June 16. This culture must show that the individual's sputum is not multi resistant.
3. All in attendance at Camp Funshine will be instructed on infection control procedures on the first day of camp.
4. All people with cystic fibrosis will be required to wear water shoes in the shower.
5. Each toilet in every cabin will contain a Clorox bleach tablet.
6. All snacks provided at Camp Funshine will be individually wrapped.
7. All people with cystic fibrosis will be given their own boxes of tissues and be required to place their used tissues in their own trash bag. . Sealed and deposited into the trash.
8. All people with cystic fibrosis will be given and use their individual nebulizers and vest.
9. All in attendance at Camp Funshine will be required to wash their hands with antibacterial gel upon entering the dining hall.
10. Chest p.t. mats will be cleaned with disinfectant and covered with new paper after each use.
11. All rooms/cabins will have antibacterial soap, paper towels, and Lysol Antibacterial spray.
* We understand the importance of infection control, and take this issue very seriously. We feel extremely confident that we are taking reasonable but effective precautions to put everyone in a safe environment. Please make the final decision for yourself.